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Many people do not know the importance of creativity in their day to day lives. They overlook its importance in their business or social lives. In fact, creativity is one of the greatest qualities a person can be blessed with. Yet, the majority of people never allow their true creativity to be expressed. Our society never approves or encourages its children to develop creativity in their lives. This is quite a pity compared to what people would have achieved with a little bit of training in creativity.

In fact, to the contrary, our school system is designed to limit the inborn creative spark of most kids. The system is focused on how well students cram and memorize things. This is why the majority of students hate school. PicassoPablo Picasso once said that “every child is an artist, but the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Just imagine how true this saying is. Our education system is the first hurdle that stalks the creativity of a child. So, how can they grow up to be creative in their later life. Because the child’s creativity is stripped before they grow up, the majority of them decide to take the easy way out and find a job that doesn’t require much effort. They start living their lives the way society want them to live than living the way they want to live their lives. This is the main reason for most of us to feel miserable before we reach our mid 30s. Most of us feel that we have gone no where in life. This is why you find so many people lost in life with no decision on what to do next. People hate their lives before they are forced to do what society wants and not what they think is best for their life.

The reason for the all aforementioned ills is the lack of creativity in a person’s life. A creative person never feels bored with life. They wake up to a completely new day and are excited and motivated by life. This is why creativity is so important in a person’s life. Improving one’s creativity is not difficult if you have a genuine desire to do so. This article highlights the importance of creativity in a person’s day to day life. It will help a person become more content with their life. If you want ideas about types of things you can do, check out this post with lots of creative ideas.

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