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Simple Creative Things You Can Do

The latest research shows that performing little things more creatively will help improve a person’s emotional health. Simple day to day activities such as cooking, drawing, singing and many other such activities may help you in this regard. The most important thing is your intention to do something creatively than focusing on what you do or how well you do it. This is why it is important that you pay close attention when performing your day to day tasks and see how you can add some creativity to what you do. This article provides a comprehensive overview of simple creative things you can do right now.

Make Something

Try to make something; anything really. It just have to be something traditionally artistic like painting or poetry. It can be something quite different – like making some unique photo gifts online with your favorite snaps.


You don’t need to be a professional artist or any special gift to be a bit creative when you do something. You need curiosity and the desire to explore something new when it comes to doing something creatively. There are many instances that will help you become more creative in your day to day life. Preparing food is one such instance. You can take the food you eat on a daily basis, and prepare it in a more fun way. Pickup a cookbook and try a few meals that you have never tried before. Consider having breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. These things will help you think in a completely different way to how you routinely think. This is an essential quality for the improvement of creativity.

Add Color To Your Life

Blast your room with different colors. Add something colorful on different spaces in your room for one week. Don’t think about the colors, let it comes from your unconscious. Draw some art and color them with contrasting colors. Grab a pack of colorful pens for your desk. Highlight your outfit with a bright-colored scarf. Reserve one week every 3-4 months for color activities. These things will definitely help improve your creativity, and make you do more creative things on a day to day basis.


writingWriting is another important aspect that will help improve your creativity. Writing is incredibly healing too. Try to write at least 2-3 sentences a day. Do not think about what you write, just let it flow from your unconscious. Try to put together a story if possible. If you keep on writing at least a few sentences a day, you may definitely end up writing a story some day in your life.

Hopefully these tips give you some ideas of very simple creative things you can start doing right now.

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